About Us

Greenterest brings climate scientists and communications pros together.

We match climate scientists with experienced volunteers from the field of communications to amplify their messaging, media coverage and influence. 

Strictly not for profit, Greenterest was founded by a small team of international climate communicators looking for meaningful ways of supporting the voice of climate science in our fight for a livable planet.

Attila Schillinger

Founder and ESG Expert

In my daily work, I’m dedicated to help businesses activate and communicate sustainability transformations and prepare for leadership in a post-consumerist economy. Through Greenterest, I volunteer to amplify the sound of reason in climate communication and work to inspire more unity and support for climate action. I have two children. I owe it to them and their generation that I help climate science win and lead to climate action now.

Agnes Paul

Communications Consultant

My name is Agnes Paul, I am a communications consultant. For almost two decades now, I have been taking on tasks that have had an impact on our society and our daily lives. My agency, Organic Communications, builds and implements brands and communication strategies, as well as public relations assignments. I specialise in ethical green communications and supporting social enterprises and organisations active in the social field. I believe that there is a need for authentic communication on climate change and that knowledge and news sharing can come together in a well-constructed network. I am therefore delighted to join this initiative.

Mark Maslin FRGS, FRSA

Professor of Earth System Science at UCL (UK) and the Natural History Museum of Denmark

Mark is a leading scientist with particular interest in understanding climate change and the major challenges facing humanity in the 21 st  century. He has published over 180 papers injournals such as Science, Nature, and The Lancet, written 10 books and over 60 popular articles (e.g., New Scientist, Independent, Guardian, Telegraph, New York Times and The Conversation).
He appears regularly on radio and television, including BBC One David Attenborough’s ‘Climate Change: the fact’. His books include ‘Climate Change: A Very Short Introduction’ (4 th edition OUP, 2021), ‘The Cradle of Humanity’ (OUP, 2017 and 19), ‘The Human Planet’ co-authored with Simon Lewis (Penguin, 2018) and his latest book is ‘How to save our planet: the facts’ (Penguin, 2021). Mark is also the UNFCCC designated point of contact and COP27 lead for UCL.

How does it work?

Greenterest will help match climate scientists and communications professionals who sign up. Communications pros will work with scientists as their go-to climate communication partner. When needed, communications pros will help scientists with media strategies, messaging, writing, storytelling, editorial relationships, social media engagement, influencer partnerships, networking and crisis management.